The Mission
The mission for The Wellness Spectrum is to provide whole body wellness. Educating and empowering through each and every service. Providing detailed care through Massage Therapy and supporting wholeheartedly with every Health Coaching session. Creating balance and wellness in each individual. 


The Wellness Spectrum is a thriving Massage Therapy and Holistic Health Coaching business originating in Northern Virginia. With owner Natasha Thoesen who has been in the business for over 18 years promoting Health, Wellness and Therapeutic Massage all while creating lasting client relationships. 


Although The Wellness Spectrum has relocated and is currently only offering Health Coaching services, we are still active on social media and easy to get in touch with. Feel free to reach out with any question, we look forward to helping you improve your daily life through Massage Therapy and/or Nutritional changes. 

Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Cheers to your Health!

Be your best today, live your best tomorrow.