Holistic Health Coaching
What does an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach do?
I help clients meet and exceed their wellness and nutrition goals by educating, empowering and keeping them accountable. 
Who needs a Health Coach? 
Anyone looking to change their life for the better; who doesn't want to go it alone, is overwhelmed or doesn't know where to start. Anyone who is tired of being fed lies and wants to stand up for their health and wellbeing. Someone who wants to take charge and live a healthful life. Someone who wants to get to the bottom of their health issues. An individual who is sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Take your life back, you only have one. Changing your nutrition is one of the few things you can control in life. Feel powerful, and vibrant again or for the first time. Allow yourself the power of choice and choose to be healthy and free. 
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Working with a Health Coach can be truly powerful! You will have someone there to listen to you, help you make decisions and aid in changes you can't seem to accomplish alone. Health Coaching sessions can be done via Skype, in office or near you, at a quiet space or local community area.                        
As a Health Coach I encourage individuals to reach their health & wellness goals by educating and supporting them through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Working with a holistic approach I can ensure your greatest potential for success!
 I will encourage you in making positive changes that are based on your unique needs, lifestyle and preferences. Together, we will explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover tools you need for a lifetime of balance and fulfillment. When all of your primary needs are met and in balance your true potential for health will soar!
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The latest scientific research has shown--and the evidence continues to mount--that the plant kingdom is filled with gifts that can help fight off the ravages of chronic disease ~ By David Bjerklie Oct 20, 2003

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