It's about time!

Hello everyone! Yes this is my very first Blog post..EVER. I feel I've done it all, I have owned and still own my business (remotely for now) Been a Massage Therapy instructor, Held educational classes about Essential oils, done a ton of Yoga, Massaged some 7k human bodies, some with my feet, yesssss "Ashiatsu", Read my share of self-help and nutrition books and birthed a child. It's finally time to get my thoughts, knowledge, answers, education, experiences and hopefully a great deal of empowerment out in to my community.

I have created this Blog for not only the reasons listed above but to share and encourage others to lead a more conscious and healthy life. As you may or may not know I am a Licensed Massage Therapist of sixteen years, Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, an Educator having the pleasure of working for George Washington University and an Essential oil enthusiast just to name of few. I am also a mother of one with one on the way. And with that came a lot of change, mentally and physically. I am sure I will share that for the Mamas out there in my future posts.

Unfortunately I have seen sickness and disease due to careless health and nutrition choices; insert why I became a Holistic Health Coach. I coach clients through lifestyle and nutritional changes, I promote clean eating and chemical free households. I support them through these changes and keep them accountable all while my heart explodes with joy over their progress and gratitude.

My intension is to reach the masses to create a community, an educational tool. A place you can come and ask questions and get real answers. Maybe a place just to come hang out and get inspired or get some positive vibes for the day. Maybe you'll be inspire to change some things in your own life or encourage others. Whatever it is your'e looking for or not looking for, I am hopeful you will find it here.

The coming blogs will be about, Holistic Nutrition, Chemical free living, Essential oils, Juicing, Recipes, Yoga, Meditation and the quarks of everyday life. So check back often or subscribe. I'll be checking in often and blasting super positive waves through the inter-web!