Are you a picture of health? Do you want to be?

Where are you on your wellness journey? Have you even started yet? Have you just found out you are unwell? Or are you knee deep in self-care, self-awareness and taking your life back?

Wellness doesn't come naturally. You actually have to commit to yourself, create goals and work really hard. Everything is in our way now-a-days. Food in the grocery store, fast-food on every corner, Holiday; sugar filled drinks, vacations, gatherings, work events, stressful work and or home life. Long commutes, lack of time, lack of resources, lack of commitment and patience, to do what needs to be done. The list is truly endless.

So what are we to do? where do we start?

Baby steps. One step at a time. I know you've hear those two before. And it's true, you need steps, goals. Goals keep us accountable and ready for our next achievement.

So when and where can you start your wellness journey? And HOW?

Let's start with HOW. What small changes can you make to your daily routine that could get you feeling vibrant again or for the first time?

  • How about a good nights rest! Did you know that H2O is the cheapest prescription out there? For issues such as fatigue, constipation, headaches and insomnia or poor sleep. So a good place to start would be upping your water intake. You should be consuming 50% of your body weight in ounces. If you weigh 150lbs you should drink 75oz per day. If you already do GOOD FOR YOU!

  • Movement! Our bodies are meant to move, and move frequently. Ever notice how hard it is to stand in one spot? or how you feel crummy after laying down too long. Don't get me wrong, naps are amazing and so good for you and yes your body needs to recover each and every night for 7-9 hours. But while you are awake get that body moving. One small change could be to get yourself into a stretching routine morning and night. 10-30 minutes of your day 2x a day will have you feeling amazing. It will even help with energy during waking hours and better sleep during resting hours. If you're feeling exuberant, add walking in there. Either daily or 4x a week. Maybe just a 1/4 mile or maybe a whole mile! Get your blood pumping, that's what it's there for.

  • Using Essential oils! Incorporating Pure essential oils into your morning or evening routine is super helpful to be mindful, set your intentions, lift your spirits and again; get better sleep. Nothing fancy needed just your body, nose and 100% pure essential oils of your choosing. place on wrist, behind ears or smell directly from the bottle.

  • Get in the kitchen! Cooking 90% of your daily foods allows you to know exactly what you are putting into your body. And 10% of the time you can treat yourself and relax. But treat yourself to a wholesome healthful meal or snack. Remember you are what you eat. Truly think on this. We typically don't know what's going on inside our bodies until it's too late. Reversing the effects of years of poor health habits can take a lifetime. Do you have that kind of time? Preventative is the way to go. It is the key to longevity. Living your last years happy, fulfilled and well. Not miserable, depressed and even bed or wheelchair bound. Know your ingredients, limit your cholesterol and saturated fat intake. Choose more veggies, choose organic most of the time. These are just some ways to take control of your nutrition.

  • Adding a fruit & Veggie capsule to your morning routine! Have you heard of Juice Plus+? They are an incredible company that has been offering fruit & veggie capsules for over 25 years. With almost 50 years of clinical research they are the most scientifically proven nutritional products in the world. No gimmick, no buy in, no discount, Just an honest proven product, at an affordable price backed by thousands of medical professionals trying to help their patients to better health through nutrition.

These simple changes can lead to a lifetime of health. Other changes such as eating breakfast, using a tongue scraper, chewing your food at least 20x per bite, sitting while eating and turning off devices. Getting in the community and doing good for others can all lead to fulfillment and better health.

Personally, I am making changes all the time. Adopting new ways to walk the talk. As a Health Coach I have to keep myself on the up & up for my clients and as a Massage Therapist I have to keep myself healthy and strong to provide a great session, especially when I'm hanging from my bars!

Ashiatsu Barefoot Therapy-

I do this by being mindful, having positive self talk, eating healthy, having a yoga and stretching routine, getting adequate sleep, and staying hydrated. Ok dark chocolate is nice too. I stay committed to myself and my health. I use my essential oils daily, I take Juice Plus+ (what a great way to get micronutrients daily from simple capsules), I smile often and I love my career.

So if you feel you need help making small changes to your nutrition or need help setting and achieving goals please contact me for a FREE Holistic Health Consultation.

If you think Massage Therapy would be good self-care (which it totally would!!!) to add into your wellness "plan" please book online, I'd love to have you on my table.

And if you'd like more information on Juice Plus+, facts and how it can change your life, contact me. I'd love to have a conversation about how one simple change can have such a huge impact on your health and wellness.

In Gratitude,

Natasha Thoesen LMT INHC

Owner, The Wellness Spectrum


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