Good Morning! You may have already exposed yourself to 80+ chemicals today.

Not the Morning salute you wish to hear?

The average woman is exposed to 300 chemicals a day, 80 of which are before breakfast. This includes your hair products, make-up, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo and god forbid you scrubbed that shower door WHILE standing in the shower. We have all been there, turning a blind eye to the toxic caution labels on our products. Reading the warning label on cleaning products yet thinking "I have to clean". Burying your face in your shirt as you gasp for air trying NOT to inhale the fumes; not knowing there is another way. Well there is, a better way, a healthier way. Not just for you but your children and pets too. I am not going to get off track by talking about the thousands of chemicals in our carpet, linens, clothes, couches, paint, granite counter tops, pillows, mattresses, car seats, OH MY GOODNESS the list goes on. Some of these aren't avoidable or are very pricy to create alternatives. But, I am going to talk about very easy fixes to your every day cleaning and household items that you can change at a fraction of the cost. So you can control and eliminate the toxins in your home and at least lessen your exposure giving your lungs and every vital organ in your body and children's body a chance to thrive.

26 seconds after chemical exposure you can find measurable amounts in the blood. 26 seconds, No Thanks!

This is coming from the American Lung Association: Secondhand smoke, chemicals in the home and workplace, and radon all can cause or worsen lung disease. Did you also know that the #2 cause of death in the United States is cancer due to poor diet, weight, inactivity and chemical exposure. And that only 5-10% of cancer is genetic. Meaning the other 90-95% is in our control.

We are killing ourselves by what we put IN, ON and let AROUND our bodies.

I know right! I am getting super serious. But this is real, real life, that comes with real concern and real consequences. Just hear me out.

So lets talk about this for a minute or two. There are 100,000 toxic chemicals on the market today and the toxic substance act of 1976 grandfathered them in. And health and safety data only exists for about 15% of the chemicals out there. The sad reason is toxic labeling is only required if 50% of the animals it is tested on die from exposure. Did you hear that, when you spray down your counter top with an aggressively unnecessary toxic chemical you are not only chemically treating your air and body and everyone around you but that bottle has also been the torture and demise of who knows how many innocent animals. Not sure about you but that doesn't make me sleep well at night.

I'm going to throw some numbers at you for a minute.

NIOSH studied 2983 ingredients in our homes and found 884 were TOXIC, 314 created biological mutations, 218 caused reproductive issues, 778 are toxic to the human body, and 146 cause cancerous tumors. Since 1940 prostate cancer has risen by 200%. The average home has 50x what's allowed by OSHA for chemical exposure. Resulting in the air inside your home being 5-7x more toxic than the air outside your home. The truth is shocking.

We are simply unaware of what we are cleaning with. What is in the candles we are burning, the plug-ins scenting our rooms, the spray we "freshen" our air and fabrics with. And Why??

Simply for your olfactory pleasure? Laundry soap and dryer sheets are considered the #1 pollutant out there. And no that soap isn't just flushed completely down the drain after your wash runs its cycle. It sticks around and makes you smell like an oversized bouquet of flowers for longer than naturally possible. Because it is still in the fabric.

I am going to highlight just one chemical in this very long post, Tetrachloroethylene. I'v chosen this chemical just to give you an idea of what it is capable of and where you might find it in your home.

Aerosol paint concentrates, Automobile body polish, Furniture polish, Household hard surface cleaners (aerosol), Household hard surface cleaners (liquid), Household rug and upholstery cleaners, Insecticides for crawling insects, Insecticides for flying insects, Laundry starch, Leather dressings and finishes (excl shoe polish)Lubricating greases, Lubricating oils, Miscellaneous paint-related products, Nonstructural caulking compounds and sealants. Other art materials incl clay, water & tempera colors, finger paint, etc. Other automotive chemicals, Other laundry aids, including ironing aids and dry cleaning spotting pretreatments. Other specialty cleaning and sanitation products, Oven cleaners, Paint and varnish removers, Paints and allied products, Rug and upholstery cleaners, Scatter rugs, and bathmats. Synthetic resin and rubber adhesives, Textile finishes and Waterproofing compounds.

Uhhh... Pretty much everything. I bet you were thinking; I know a couple men in my family that are pretty toxic from touching these items on a regular basis.

This last part is me being a mama. I have seen a number of young women struggle with fertility. Both clients and friends. This is a big one. These chemicals are endocrine disruptors. If you hear anything I am saying here this...

Endocrine Toxicants Exposure to chemical substances can cause adverse effects on the endocrine system, which is comprised of the organs and glands that secrete hormones (Endocrine Toxicity). Hormones control normal physiological processes, maintaining the body's homeostasis. Compounds that are toxic to the endocrine system may cause diseases such as hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus, hypoglycemia, reproductive disorders, and cancer.

Exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and DDT have caused a host of toxic effects in wildlife, including impaired reproduction and development. Other endocrine toxicants, such as persistent organochlorine pesticides and dioxins, are being studied for their possible role in promoting hormone-induced cancers (such as breast cancer) and in lowering sperm counts and male fertility.

You have to start somewhere. Personally I switched my deodorant and body products out around 19 years ago. Thats where I started. Then I went to my candles and swapped out lead wicks and paraffin for cotton and soy. I did the little things I could as I learned along the way. I started reading food labels and ingredients. Stopped using fabric softener and harsh chemicals. Over the last 7 years I have cracked down even more with changing out every cleaner in my house for Thieves household cleaner by Young Living Essential oils. Continued to educate myself on ingredients. Everything in my home has become natural or non-toxic. So much so I feel no need to have Mr. Yuck stickers on anything. Now I am smart and still keep things behind locked cabinets but that is simply because if it's not edible why risk getting your babies sick if for some unknown reason that bottle looks delicious to them that day.

I feel amazing knowing I am cleaning my house with the benefits of essential oils. I feel confident my children will not run there hands across chemical residue after spraying down the table, highchair, floor, toys! I also feel confident that I am killing germs, viruses, bacteria and Lord knows what else they bring home from child care. Can I also say I actually enjoy cleaning. You can find me every single day with my Thieves all purpose cleaner in my amber glass spray bottle in one hand and a rag in another. I leave it on the counter I use it so much. And not because I'm a clean freak but because I love it. It cleans perfectly, I feel so good about it, It smells great and it's super easy. It's a fraction of the cost of that chemical cleaner in the grocery store since it comes concentrated. So one 16oz bottle of concentrate will make you over 10 ,14 oz spray bottles. That's awesome! Did I mention EVERY single person who uses this product falls in love. It is a no brainer to me. That's why I want to share this information with you. Take control of the very few things in life that you can, your health being one of them and the cleanliness of your vanity being another. wink wink.

If you'd like more information on Young Living products or if you are ready to sign up and get your Thieves Starter Kit. Please see link below or contact me. I'd love to answer any questions.

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