What's the deal with Essential Oils?

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

All this talk around essential oils and what company is Pure and who is adulterating etc, etc. Who is on team Young Living and who is on team doTerra. Is it all an MLM scheme or is it legit?

Essentials oils should be a NEED not a want.

You just don't know why you need them yet.

Essential oils aren't a luxury. They are a way of life. And yes they are legit. These incredible volatile and precious oils in tiny amber bottles are the cats meow when it comes to creating a toxic free home, holistic first aid kit, mediation or better sleep hygiene. And don't get me started about how they can support every single system in your body from your beauty regimen to keeping the dreaded Flu at bay.

So Whats all the hype..

Everyone has "their" brand and "their" opinion. And truth be told not all oils are created equal. Some oils fall so far off the spectrum of being pure It's embarrassing. So just don't buy those oils right? But how do you know what oils to buy? For one, do your research. Go with a long standing company, with one that has integrity. One that has scientists and doctors in labs and farms across the world. One that gives to countless benefits and aids in disaster. One that is building independent businesses up and not just allowing some Joe Schmo to drive around in a Ferrari while everyone under him is scraping by. Ok I'll jump down from the soap box. Phew that felt good...

But there are a few main contenders that are true Pure Essential oils or as the new-age term goes Therapeutic Grade. No one was saying " Therapeutic grade" or labeling anything with that title 10 years ago. You have to remember they are all in business and in competition with each-other so when one jumps someones bound to follow. But seriously.. I'm talking about supporting an MLM's. Especially if its a really good one to support with a top notch product. Young Living Essential Oils. Yes I am partial YET not against others of the same purity standards or reputation. I chose YLEO many years ago, In fact 15 years ago by chance. I have tried others, many others and personally I have found no others like YL. Sure I enjoy the smell of other brands but I am looking at a lot more than smell as you can tell from previous tangent. But above all I want it to be Pure, clean, potent. I want results. Not just as my counter top cleaner but on my body when I'm under the weather. In the air in my home when I know the kids have brought bugs home from Childcare. On my temples when I've had a hard day and need rest. On my yoga mat when I had a serious workout. How do they, how can they help in these ways?....

Well lets get to know a little bit about what Essential oils actually are...

Essential oils are aromatic compounds extracted with the use of distillation or cold pressing of the plants seeds, stems, roots, resins, rinds, peddles, and leaves. What is extracted is the "life blood" of the plant. Just as if we scrape our arm our blood and cells come rushing to the injury to repair. These same compounds in trees and plants do the same for them. It heals the plant. Simple as that.

To me they are life changing and some hundreds of thousands of other feel the same way. They are a way of life. Not a cult or gang. Simply a way to support your holistic needs, over and over again. They become the best part of your day and can even bring out the best in you. Depression-#Ivegotanoilforthat And on those days when your beautiful children are sending you to "Timeout", do not forget your little bag of oils.

- Mommy.... What are you doing in there? Sniff Sniff... Nothing Johnny, go play with your sister.

So whatever company you choose, choose wisely. Go with a company you believe in and trust. And If you are new to Oils and want to know more or want to come over to team Young Living, I'd love to chat with you and help answer any questions. But seriously if you're using any essential oils you are already on my team. I did not go into YL as a member. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, It was my education that brought me to them among many other brands. I did not sell them, I used them. Now I share them. I sell them because I can, Why not when I love them and I have the ability to help others become members and enjoy the #oilylife.

-Now lets get oiling, Cheers!


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